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Grandpa’s Memoirs

Veteran’s Day (Armistice Day for you non-Americans out there) is fast approaching. I thought I could share some memories of my favorite veteran, Grandpa, and our joint experiences recording and remembering his past, transforming his personal life into family history. … Continue reading

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The Lions of Solomon

The photograph below is a caption of a Finnish newspaper article published in 1935, at the time of the crisis which preceded the Second Italo-Abyssinian War. The translation of the headline is: “Finns tend to get involved everywhere: a hundred … Continue reading

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How every detail counts in large amounts

I owe my co-blogger Jussi Jalonen thanks for the superb job placing last month’s massacres in Norway in the context of an increasingly unhinged and conspiracy-minded ideology, Internet-based but spreading, whose protagonists claim that Muslim are taking over Europe (at … Continue reading

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Two links on trouble with databases

An encyclopedia and the institution of the academic library, actually. Martin Wisse writes (“Wikipedia finally notices it’s in trouble”) that Wikipedia’s famously open system of volunteer editors is collapsing, only a hard-core rump of the initial editor population remaining. As … Continue reading

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On information and speed and mind’s problems

Canadian Tim Maly’s blog Quiet Babylon–“A website about cyborgs & architects”–is a blog examining the intersections between humanity and high technology, about trhe ways in which human thinking and identity will be altered by increasingly potent information technologies. A string … Continue reading

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On the politicization of futures (example #x)

Beyond the Beyond, weblog of science fiction and technology-in-society writer Bruce Sterling, referenced a CITI Financial report (no link found yet), summarized by Indian news portal Rediff, that claimed India would become the world’s largest economy by 2050. “China should … Continue reading

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On the problems of planning for chaotic/complex futures

Perhaps reflecting this week’s theme about the confusing pasts and future of sports team, and reflecting Dan Gardner’s writing about the perils of futurology, sociology blogger Daniel Little has at his blog Understanding Society a “review of an interesting book … Continue reading

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